Thursday, February 01, 2007

Joshua Sparling lost his leg in Iraq 
...only to come home and get spat on by an anti-war protester.

What kind of person seeks out the amputee in a crowd to spit on? Well, the kind that would have his retina detached, if he tried it in front of me.

So what's the reaction from the KosKidz!

"F&^k Sparling! NIEDERMEYER -- DEAD!!"

There is no depth to which they will not sink.

Splash, out


Note: Media Matters for America has questions about Sparling's story.

They're dolts, though. For example, look at this paragraph...

Conservatives have been telling stories of anti-war protesters spitting on returning Vietnam veterans for decades, even though, as College of the Holy Cross associate professor of sociology and anthropology Jerry Lembcke wrote in an April 30, 2005, Boston Globe op-ed, "[t]here is an element of urban legend in the stories." Nevertheless, Lembcke wrote, the "image of spat-upon veterans is the icon through which many people remember the loss of the war, the centerpiece of a betrayal narrative that understands the war to have been lost because of treason on the home front."

My Dad got spat on, while in uniform, immediately upon returning to CONUS from Viet Nam. No, I wasn't an eyewitness, but he mentioned it many times, from when I was very small, and the details have always been consistent.

Media Matters is in way over its head trying to explain away or minimize the scumminess of the antiwar activist moonbat fringe of the left.

If there are people willing to sabotage abortion clinics, there are sure as f*ck people willing to spit on veterans.

Media Matters, you owe an apology to every returning veteran who saw it happen with his own eyes, or had it happen to him.

I'm not holding my breath.

Splash, out



It's worth it to have a video camera or two (concealed) covering Joshua Sparling for the next few anti-war protests. I'll ping SMASH and see if he has the time to do so. Once it's up on YouTube, the urban legend meme will die with a stake through it's blackend, shriveled heart.
As much as it pains me to do so, I have to give credit where it's due: one of the commenters at Kos called bullshit on this "notskinner" person for referring to Sparling as a "coward" and notskinner took it back. Sort of.

Not that it matters; the Kidz are never wrong and they live in a world where anything can be redefined on the spot to support their agenda.

Take heart, the posts are days old and have only a handful of comments.

The attempt to dismiss the "spit-upon returning vets" meme as an urban legend is interesting. Given the left's penchant for manufacturing disgruntled vets and falling for the anti-war stories of the most outrageous and tranparent posers/wannabees, can anyone say "projection"?
Well, not even Sparling contends that anyone "sought him out" to spit on him. He said it was actually another vet. And according to the NY Times, it was during a heated exchange. Of course they said he spat back, which he denies, which begs the question ... as that is the ONLY support for his claim, if it is correct it means that he lied about spitting back.

And of course when we consider what kind of heated exchange it might have been, we can look at the videos of Sparling shouting epithets on a bullhorn, wagging his finger in people's faces, calling them names, oh, and standing next to signs that say "Hippies Smell." "Go to Hell Traitors!" and this lovely effigy of Jane Fonda with a noose around her neck and a sign calling her an "American Traitor B****!"


Hardly a poor innocent bystander, that Mr. Sparling.
joshua sparling is well known among those who have had the unfortunate pleasure to spend time with him for being an asshole and a creep. I find it a perfect reflection of his own demeanor - in that he is consistently nasty to those around him - that these "random" acts keep happening to him. You only need to spend a few minutes with Joshua Sparling to realize he is evil incarnate. I feel sorry for his family.
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