Thursday, February 15, 2007

Herschel Smith is blogging ROE 
like a bulldog on a bone.

I don't blog on the ROE and won't start here - there are compelling reasons to write about the silliness that pervades the lawyer-dominated command climate that prevented CENTCOM from killing Mullah Omar when we had the chance - and CENTCOM continues to provide opportunities to do so.

There are also reasons to be very opaque about precisely what the ROE are and are not. The enemy can learn from what we do not write as well as from what we write.

I don't recall the ROE being that problematic for me in 2003 and 2004. It would not surprise me if the ROE got increasingly stupid as Congress got increasingly stupid since my return. Again, since I do not discuss the ROE with anyone, I wouldn't know.

If I felt coalition lives were threatened, and I opened fire on the threat, and I could articulate the reason, I'm confident my battalion would have backed me up.

Can't say the same for CENTCOM or congress, or for anybody else, for that matter.

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