Thursday, February 15, 2007

Eeyore the Editor Strikes Again 
The latest laugh-line from the editwats at the New York Times:

If Mr. Sadr had indeed fled, his absence would create a vacuum that could allow even more radical elements of the Shiite group to take power.

Of course, so would a successful airstrike. So would a heart attack. So would a stroke. So would a well-placed banana-peel and a punji stick. So bloody what? There's no way to win with these people.

Memo to the New York Times: Life isn't another episode of Star Wars. If you strike a man down, he does not "become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

Now, I would caveat that by saying I do not regard al Sadr's move to Iran as entirely wonderful news. I was always a tad skeptical of the surge, but there are circumstances under which it can work: The insurgency in Baghdad can be substantially defeated if Coalition Forces are successful in forcing anti-Iraqi forces to commit to battle against their will and against their own better judgement.

From the moojie perspective, the way to counter the surge is to render it moot by taking a vacation to go play golf or take a sabbatical or stay home and abuse your women.

It seems that's what al Sadr is (wisely) doing.

If more radical elements critical of al Sadr wish to stay in Baghdad, then so be it. The more radical they are, the more likely they are to cast themselves upon the Roman pikes in a futile rage. Let them do it during the surge. For all we know, it may be Sadr's way of thinning his own herd.

Sounds like a win-win for both the Coalition and Al Sadr.

Splash, out


It seems that's what al Sadr is (wisely) doing.

I agree that it is wise - living to fight another day.

But...not all choices are equal, and his "smarter" members may be asking why he isn't relying on Allah's will to keep him alive, despite the best efforts of the infidels, or if it is the will of Allah, to accept the one-way trip to the land of 72 virgins. As my pop was fond of saying, if your time is up, no power on this earth can stop it. If your time isn't up, there's no power on earth to make it happen.

In'shallah and all that...of course, I came of age with folks who might ask the silly question of Why does God need a starship?, so YMMV. I have a feeling that asking questions of this nature is...not encouraged in that crowd.
Um, this is picky, but the Romans didn't use pikes all that much. The legions were mainly swordsmen. Yeah, they tossed javalins first, but when the shields locked together, it was short sword (gladius) work.

Now the Macedonians, or the Swiss, those are some real pikers!
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