Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The wrong lesson 
Donald Stoker writes that America has learned the wrong lesson from Viet Nam.

Vietnam taught many Americans the wrong lesson: that determined guerrilla fighters are invincible. But history shows that insurgents rarely win, and Iraq should be no different.

The conclusion:

That’s welcome news, because one thing is certain: time is running out. Combating an insurgency typically requires 8 to 11 years. But the administration has done such a poor job of managing U.S. public opinion, to say nothing of the war itself, that it has exhausted many of its reservoirs of support. One tragedy of the Iraq war may be that the administration’s new strategy came too late to avert a rare, decisive insurgent victory.

I think it's more of a case of American support evaporating 8 years too early.


Question for Mr Stoker:

In light of the fact that the admin does not have the power to force the press to report the news or even report the truth how is the admin supposed to manage public opinion. We already know that the press does not report the truth. In fact the press does not even know the facts to support the truth because the press does not understand the military and its ROE and its equipment. CENTCOM puts our news reports every day and the press instead reports what stringers who may or may not be sympathetic to the terrorists write up and also print photoshopped pictures purporting to be the truth. How is the admin supposed to overcome that?

When you have a big part of the opposition party doing all in its power to undermine any initiatives the admin puts forth and right now is even talking about pulling funding for the initiative already in operation how is the admin supposed to succeed. We already know the results if the opposition pulls the funding since that happened before 30+ years ago and resulted in millions of deaths and the re-education in concentration camps of additional millions of people. Are going to have to go through that again because of what if happening in the legislature now? Why is the press not speaking out against the opposition party's positions in this matter?

What does Mr Stoker think will happen if the opposition policy to the war comes about? Does this bother him at all? Can he see the affect of what that policy will mean to that whole area of the world if the admin does not prevail?

If Iraq falls back to the terrorists you will have a band from the Mediterranean to the border with Afghanistan and extending to the Straits of Hormuz that will control a huge portion of the oil reserves and will also be in a position to become a nuclear power. If that happens all the smaller countries in the area - Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, etc - will likely be the first to fall. That will then put the Iraq/Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Kuwait/rest of the countries right up against Saudi Arabia and Egypt and totally surrounding Israel. The ramifications of this are truly scary and the opposition party doesn't seem to care. They are more interested in taking power than in stopping this devastating situation from occuring and Mr Stoker seems to be on the sidelines applauding them.
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