Sunday, January 21, 2007

When the trumpet blows an uncertain sound 
then who will answer the call?

The cost of this strategy by Republicans will leave a vacuum for military members. Who among us in uniform will trust ANY politician with her life? Who among our professional VOLUNTEER military class will willingly allow his children to serve knowing that neither party can be trusted to lead? The threat to American society and freedom is that no one will serve because the political class cannot be trusted with our lives and the lives of our children...

...If the Republicans continue on this suicidal path, members of the armed forces will leave their services in droves and simply not vote.

Uhhhh...what he said.

Via Glen.

The Republican trumpet may blow a certain sound, but the problem is it blows an incompetent one. They have fucked it up badly, and it is hard to argue that they can be trusted either.
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