Thursday, January 04, 2007

Then again ... 
The AP is reporting that the Iraqi government is acknowledging that Captain Hussein is real.

Some Internet bloggers spread and amplified these doubts, accusing the AP of having made up Hussein's identity in order to disseminate false news about the war

Looks like some people have been made tools to help squash the news and close news outlets, and increase the power the Iraqi Ministry of Information. Which would seem to me to be completely against why we blog in the first place. I would get a bag to put over my head.

Hussein appears to have fallen afoul of a new Iraqi push, encouraged by some U.S. advisers, to more closely monitor the flow of information about the country's violence, and strictly enforce regulations that bar all but authorized spokesmen from talking to media.

If this part of the story is true, I think a few more arrest warrants are in order. Seems like the powers that be do not like their cheep propaganda discredited.

I swear this administration is it's worst enemy.
So AP thinks Captain H is real??? So's my good buddy Harvey. He's a 6 foot rabbit who hangs with Jimmy Stewart.
So he's real? Great, I have some questions I want somebody *other* than AP to interview him on.

Like where he got all of the specific details that he's been passing on to AP all year about things that can't seem to be confirmed by anyone else, little things like mosques burning to the ground that you'd think other people would notice.

After all, that's what started this hunt.
"Like where he got all of the specific details that he's been passing on to AP all year about things"

The guy works in a police station, you really need to ask where he gets details?

No, what started this witch hunt were details in the news that "they" did not want in the news. Add to that a yearning by the new Information Ministers to wield the same power Baghdad Bob used to wield over what gets into the news story. And I have to guess that some people went along to help protect their political parties back home for the embarrassment of the deteriorating situation in Iraq.
All you need to know is "Mission Accomplished", "the insurgency is on it's last leg" and other official talking points.
1. When was "mission accomplished" an official talking point? Be specific. I'd like to see something on White House or DOD stationary.

2. Well, there is the small matter of the mission of knocking the Baathist regime out of power as having actually been accomplished, at any rate.

3. So where, exactly, are those four mosques the AP said were burned down?

4. How is it that he knows so much about events that happen miles and miles across town? Is he the only police source the AP has?
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