Sunday, January 14, 2007

Setting the Record Straight ... 
An anonymous commenter (I assume someone from the MN National Guard's family support group or a Guardsman) writes in:

Just to set the record straight, the MN National Guard could not release the information until 9pm. The email was sent out soon after that. In a situation such as that, where they did not have a lot of lead time to contact families, the National Guard did what it could to contact them. The problem wasn't with the National Guard or the FRG, but rather someone at the Pentagon leaking the information to the media. The leak may or may not have been intentional; either way it happened and now we have to deal with it. Yes, it is frustrating that many families still found out through the news, but that was not the fault of the National Guard or FRG.

Duly noted. My intent was not to castigate the FRG. The job is practically impossible to do. My intent was simply to point out how incredibily difficult it is to get the word out to thousands of families on time - especially when we're relying on a loose, informal network of volunteers, that recieves almost no formal support from the DoD.

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