Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New York Times' Damien Cave and Photog get embed credentials revoked 
..for releasing video of a dying U.S. soldier, in violation of the embedding agreement.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Damien Cave, if you will recall, used to be the Times' useful idiot and go-to stooge for n "Why Recruiters Suck" stories.

He's also on record blaming the lack of recognition of genuine war heroes on the Administration - even though home town presses somehow get wind of their exploits - probably from the f***ing PRESS RELEASES the military puts out that the Times can't be bothered with.

Now he's riding roughshod over basic human decency.

I'm not one of those people who think that such footage must never be shown. But then, I don't sign embedding agreements!

Splash, out


I'm starting to understand why my father - a Korean War vet who was involved in local politics where I grew up - wouldn't even talk to the Vietnam protest affiliated liberals in the community and went out of his way to be quite rude to them at social events. I always thought he was being a jackass but I'm starting to come around to his way of thinking. Combine things like this with Arkin's comments in the Wash Post, and you start to see people who are willing to come right out and say "I despise you and everything you stand for and served for."

This isn't a difference of opinions, Jason. A substantial chunk of the leftists - they call themselves liberals - have declared war on those who don't share their beliefs. I've about had it with trying to be civil with them and pretending reasonable minds can differ on some of this stuff. They aren't acting reasonably, they are acting indecently. It's time to at least let them know we aren't going to eat their crap any more.
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