Saturday, January 20, 2007

The latest from PETA 
Talk greasy to me, baby.

Yes, she gets naked. And promises that she'll get "nakeder" then ever before.

I'd hit it with a flank steak.

Via Ace.

Heh. One of those things you watch with the sound off, eh?
Yeah, because her voice was an annoying nasal whine for the 30 seconds I listened to it, even without listening to the content. Of course if the content was important, why did they need the naked chick to sell it?
Think I woulda posted it without the naked chick?

Viral marketing, dude. Sex sells!
Unless I'm seriously out-of-date on nutrition, she didn't get that body on a diet of cabbage and beans...
Actually, there's another interesting bit from PETA.

Short timeline:

YUM Brands, the owner of KFC, is interested in a piece of property in Norfolk, VA, and offers $1 million for it in response to a broker's listing.

They they don't realize that the land is owned by... the PETA Foundation.

PETA sends written offer to give them the property FOR FREE if YUM will simply agree to require its chicken suppliers to adhere to the animal welfare improvements recommended by KFC’s own animal welfare advisors.

YUM refuses. "We don't do business with corporate terrorists," they say.

Score 1 million for PETA, I say.





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