Friday, January 05, 2007

"King David Returns" 
That's the headline of Ralph Peters' account of the return of General David Petraeus to Iraq.

Peters is a great admirer of Petraeus' character and intellect. But he's not sure if Petraeus knows how to fight.

Don't worry, Ralph. Division, Brigade, Battalion, company, platoon, and squad leaders fight. As CTJF-7 chief, Petraeus has other roles.

Plus, Petraeus is an old Screaming Eagle. Don't count on him not being willing to deliver a vicious, murderous pummelling when he needs to.

If I do have the honor of another Iraq tour, I hope it's under his command.

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I quit reading Ralph Peters a long time ago, so I won't comment on this article.

I will, however, endorse Petraeus for MNCI command. My outfit, due to its training mission, keeps a close eye on such things as which commanders are successful and how in our current active theaters. Petraeus was successful as the 101st Commander, really turned things up at MNSTC-I, and has given good and appropriate guidance as CAC commander for the CTCs, CALL, and the Army's doctrine writers with regards to our current fights. He's the right man at the right time, and many of us have seen this move comming for well over a year.

Jason, I, too, wouldn't find it hard to go back to Iraq under his command.
Oh, and a quick word about the guy Petraeus is replacing. Casey is a good man and his nomination as the Chief of Staff of the Army is proof that the spin on this "shake-up" is all wrong.

Casey's due a break from Iraq and Iraq is due a break from him, but the fact that he's replacing Rummy's choice for the "Transformation CSA" speaks volumes. The CSA's job is to provide the combatant commanders with Army forces trained and equipped to conduct missions in their AORs. The fact that he's being put in charge of the Mean Green Machine is testimony to the confidence the NCA has in his mindset, his methods, and his ideas on how Army forces should prepare for today's conflicts.

Casey isn't being ridden out of Iraq on a rail. He's being given a position of greater trust and responsibility. From what I've seen and heard (first hand and through other means), deservedly so.
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