Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is simulating the rape of a 12-year old on film a crime? 
Althouse tackles the question.

I haven't taken a position one way or another - I suppose I'll have to withhold judgement until seeing the film. I'm generally tolerant of graphic portrayals of controversial or disturbing subjects on film. And I positively reviewed Gemma, by Meg Tilly, which is an extremely graphic account of the serial rape of a 12 year old girl.

I don't think I could bear rereading it - it sent me into a depressive tailspin for two weeks. But I also think we shouldn't sugarcoat art, too. It does no good to portray rape as less than what it is, or murder, or other forms of violence.

At any rate, watching the movie wouldn't settle the question for me.

But an adult male actor didn't have a problem with dry-humping a 12-year-old in a body suit on camera?

Well, given my general assessment of Hollywood values, that's sad, but not surprising. I can't imagine being willing to do that, and would have told the director to find another way to tell that story.

Perhaps Rob Lowe was unavailable?

Splash, out


I heard about this the other day. I cannot imagine, as a parent, allowing my 12-year-old daughter to be subjected to such a thing. I can't imagine how Dakota Fanning's parents thought this was okay. Aren't people arrested when they are caught with child porn? I can't see why this wouldn't be considered such.
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