Sunday, January 07, 2007

Damn Krauts... 
According to Stern Magazine, America's people don't give a whit about the rest of humanity.

I'm sure they'll be repaying the Marshall Plan, with interest, any minute now.

And I do believe the rest of Europe and the United States itself have some reparations coming, no?

Let's just see how much the Germans care about people beyond their borders.

After the events of 1933-1945 - events which required the complicity, if not active participation, of the whole of the German people, these krauts have a lot of nerve pointing a finger at the people who saved them from the Nazis, then saved (most of) them from the communists - at significant cost to us in terms of blood as well as treasure.

Note that Stern and its apologists cannot hide behind the facade that they are not anti-American - only anti-Bush. That is obviously a lie and it's always been a lie. This article slandered the entire American people.

Splash, out


It is understandable that Die Stern would feel that the U.S. hates the world. Die Stern believes that the world is made up of people who think just like they do, i.e. as mid-Continental left wing nitwits. Many, if not a supermajority of Americans, dislike people like that. Ergo it must seem to Stern that we hate the whole world. If they could view the world with a trace of objectivity - quite a leap for a left wing German tabloid that combines the worst aspects of the Enquirer (National, not Philly) and the Times (NY, not Washington) into one rag.
Whoops, left this off -

"they'd see we only dislike them."
These damned bastards had to pay back around 1 billion of the 1.5 billion dollars they had received, before some crypto communists decided on the London conference in 1953 that they did not have to pay back the rest. Anyway, these scum gave away the money only as loans with regular interest - so they where - and are - anyway in a position to pay it back anytime.

I think every true patriot in the United States should demand:

1. The Krauts have to pay back the outstanding amount by yesterday - otherwise a nuclear attack starts immediatly.
2. From the money more nuclear warheads have to be purchased - especially research on a kind of radioactivity that affects only Muslims is necessary ( and Krauts , but that is not the highest priority now) . Also there is further research needed how the US can produce more carbon dioxide - if these Nazis claim , that it has an adverse effect on the planet, it can only mean one thing: it is good for the United States !
3. Special think tanks have to be set up to find out how to further reduce spending on education and health care - the more money you waste for that, the more communists, homosexuals ansd wishy-washy liberals ( anyway all the same) you create - and none of these cowards will be ready to sacrifice their blood for the nation in Irkrauqstan - or whatever they call it !

Yours sincerely, Werner Kraft ( damned bloody Kraut bastard)
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