Friday, January 12, 2007

Army Abandons Reserve Component Tour Limitations 

Here come the Guard Brigades!!!

The decision to mobilize the Guard infantry battalions in 2003 and leave the brigade elements at home is going to screw support troops and headquarters troops families - some of whom are still overseas as we speak, or have returned within the last six months down here in Florida.

Still, it was easy to see this coming.

The "stabilization" contracts the Guard had to offer to some troops departing active duty - preventing deployment for 1-2 years after joining the Guard - will result in some extra Inactive Guard and IRR mobilizations. They won't apply to key personnel (platoon sergeant or so and up).

David Chu, the Pentagon's chief of personnel, said in an interview that he thinks Guard and Reserve members will be cheered by the decision to limit future mobilizations to 12 months. The fact that some with previous Iraq experience will end up spending more than 24 months on active duty is "no big deal," Chu said, because it has been "implicitly understood" by most that they eventually would go beyond 24 months.


Still, it's not like I have a better idea. I work with a woman whose husband is in the 10th Mountain division, whose husband is on his third tour already.

If we're going to win this thing, it's going to take another shot of Reserve Component Goodness.

Time to hit the PT field.

Splash, out


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