Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time Magazine 
Geez, the editors of Time Magazine are gutless these days.

As someone who was an American soldier in 2003 and can fog a mirror in 2006, I've been named Person of the Year twice! How lame is that???

And the best political illustrations are a self-mocking joke. These are the very, very best you could come up with?

And the Zidane cartoon? Gimme a break!!!

The only truly clever, well-executed one of the bunch is the one on airline security. (The Brokeback Mountain riff wasn't too bad.) The others could have been concieved and created by any decent bunch of high school sophomores - with a high-school understanding of the issues.

Then again, maybe that's what qualifies you for a senior editor position at Time these days.

Yes, I know it's too much to ask that the collection of Political Illustrations of the Year be something other than the product of a bleary-eyed committee of subway-riding, New York, lukewarm leftists.

But do they really need to be so obvious?

Splash, out


For what it's worth.....my reaction to the selected cartoons was exactly the same as yours.

And I'm not even a Republican.
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