Sunday, December 17, 2006

Strange Women Lying in Ponds on Senator Nelson and the meeting with Hafez Assad 
My friend and fellow South Floridian Brant is not happy:

Could he have done anything more stupid than meet with a guy who has assassinated democratic reformers and elected representatives in Lebanon, actively supplied terrorists in Iraq and Lebanon while seeking to foment civil war and chaos in both countries, actively dispatched terrorists to Iraq to attack our soldiers? Does Nelson not recall that the first successful suicide bomb attack on our military was committed by Hezbollah, which openly acts as an arm for both Iran and the Assad regime? Does Nelson seriously believe that a peaceful, stable, pluralistic and prosperous Iraq is in the strategic interests of the Assad regime?


I remember when the 1-124th Infantry, Florida Army National Guard was deployed to Iraq, Bill Nelson won a lot of brownie points with National Guard families because he was out front about taking care of military families and did a fantastic job of engaging them and listening to their concerns.

But as far as I'm concerned, by granting the murderous son of a bitch the dignity of a Senatorial visit - against the express wishes of the Executive branch, Nelson has pissed it all away - and is actively undermining the work our soldiers have done in the War on Terror.

Imagine if Senator Wayne Morse had, in the spring of 1939, with an Italian army crushing Ethiopia, elected to buck the Roosevelt Administration and meet with Mussolini.

Nelson is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I hope this visit is hung like an albatross around his neck.

Splash, out


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