Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Remember that scene in Shattered Glass? 
The one where Michael Kelly, suspicious that Glass was making up stories, went with Glass down to a hotel where he got a particularly juicy scoop, and it became obvious that the restaurant Glass claimed to be in wasn't even open when Glass claimed it was, and Glass's whole house of cards came crashing down?

Yeah. It's like that.

The AP is crossing the line from understandable, if inexcusable tidying and sticking up for their beleaguered staff, into the territory of pathological liars, shiftlessly covering their tracks.

This falls under the nit pick department, but I figured I'd say it anyway before your otherwise correct analagy is dismissed out of hand due to a minor defect:

It was Chuck Lane as the editor depicted accomapnying Glass to the scene of the alleged hacker convention and subsequent lunch meeting. Michael Kelly was not the editor at that point, although he was shown in a later scene talking to Glass and realizing he had been duped.

Other than that, I agree that the AP's grasp on their story is becoming increasingly tenuous.
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