Sunday, December 17, 2006

Did you waste your college years on an English degree like me? 
Rejoice, brethren! You can finally put that background in critical literary theory to use here!

That is, if your manager will give you a long enough break from the drive-thru register to read it.

My take: Taken as a whole, Pandagon's post, taken in its entirety, is ironic, in that the ostensible meaning of the author is quite the opposite of what is conveyed in the text. The only difference is that Pandagon's irony is unintentional.

The irony is, that she believes, based on commentary from Captain Ed's readers, that he really wants to kill all Muslim children, which puts him very much in the same boat with Swift. . .who many believed (at the time) was really advocating the consumption of Irish children.

The commenters there act as if everyone knew all along that Swift was just joking. They all need to get down of their literary high-horse and do some critical thinking about their own responses.
I mean Pandragon, not "she". I really don't know if it's a he, or she.
okay, we are talking about the same woman who pondered how sexist her laundry basket is.
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