Saturday, December 02, 2006

AP Hypocrisy 
Here's the Associated Press's policy on political activities by its employees:

Editorial employees are expected to be scrupulous in avoiding any political activity, whether they cover politics regularly or not. They may not run for political office or accept political appointment; nor may they perform public relations work for politicians or their groups. Under no circumstances should they donate money to political organizations or political campaigns. They should use great discretion in joining or making contributions to other organizations that may take political stands.

Non-editorial employees must refrain from political activity unless they obtain approval from a manager.

When in doubt, staffers are encouraged to discuss any such concerns with their supervisors.

And a supervisor must be informed when a spouse -- or other members of an employee's household -- has any ongoing involvement in political causes, either professionally or personally.

Pretty clear, right?

But according to opensecrets.org, the following AP employees made these political donations:

Paul Alert, an AP photographer, donated to America Coming Together in 2004.

Richard Freeman, an Astoria, NY based AP journalist, donated to America Coming Together in 2004.

Hilary Roxe, a writer, donated to Chris Shays' campaign in 2005.

Those are just the editorial campaigns. Non-editorial donations included contributions to the Women's Campaign Fund, Hilary Rodham Clinton, and Cynthia McKinney (that was the guy with the muslim name.)

Jennifer Loven, who covers the White House regularly for AP, isn't on the list. But even as she covered the 2004 Presidential campaign, her husband, John Ballentine, not only has donated thousands (exclusively to Democrat/liberal organizations and candidates) but was a Kerry advisor credited on Kerry's own website.

Hell, his own bio on his company website boasts that he was a "senior member on the [Clinton] White House staff!!!!"

Despite the obvious conflict, Jennifer Loven continues to cover the White House.

Not surprisingly, she does so rather more critically than the AP covers itself, Ms. Connelly.

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