Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Testy Exchange 
Senator-elect Webb didn't waste any time asking the President for special treatment for his son in Iraq.

Webb, a decorated former Marine officer, hammered Allen and Bush over the unpopular war in Iraq while wearing his son’s old combat boots on the campaign trail. It seems the president may have some lingering resentment.

At a private reception held at the White House with newly elected lawmakers shortly after the election, Bush asked Webb how his son, a Marine lance corporal serving in Iraq, was doing.

Webb responded that he really wanted to see his son brought back home, said a person who heard about the exchange from Webb.

“I didn’t ask you that, I asked how he’s doing,” Bush retorted, according to the source.

Webb confessed that he was so angered by this that he was tempted to slug the commander-in-chief, reported the source, but of course didn’t.

I should say.

By the way, I'm sure the words "Webb" and "Decorated former Marine officer" will go together quite a bit in the media in the months to come. A lot more often than, say, "Webb" and "Ineffective former Secretary of the Navy."

Funny. Bob Dole was very highly decorated. But the press sure didn't refer to him as a "highly decorated WWII veteran" very much during the 96 campaign coverage.

When I went to USNA with Jim Webb we were taught better manners.
If one is invited to the President's House (or anyone's house for that matter)one should think twice about dissing one's host especially if the host is the President of the United States. If one felt that they might be drawn into a verbal disagreement (or tempted to slug him) in such a situation, one should decline the invitation and stay home--that's what Senator-Elect Webb should have done. Perhaps Senator-Elect Webb needs to be reminded of the "Qualifications of a Naval Officer" by John Paul Jones which quoted in part says"He should be ...a man of liberal education, refined manners, punctilious courtesy and the nicest sense of personal honor." Perhaps this bit of Plebe knowledge has been lost on Senator-Elect Webb.
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