Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld to resign 
I'm sorry to see him go. I still believe he was the best SecDef we've had in recent memory, and easily the strongest member of the Bush cabinet.

That said, if there was ever any doubt, I'm sure the President would rather hold the confirmation hearings under the current Senate, rather than wait for Harry Reid to preside.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Secretary.

The whole thing is going to unravel now.
I never did understand the whole "Rummy is an idiot, and the cause of everything bad in the military meme."

I would have liked to have seen him push for an expanded Active force.
Rumsfeld's resignation and replacement were only waiting on the election for their announcement. I suspect the Republicans would have won this election had Bush announced it a month ago, but he chose not to. In my opinion he waited because to do otherwise, to throw a good man who served his country long and honorably 'in front of the bus' in order to win an election, would have been disloyal, and loyalty is one attribute Bush values highly.
Im with Glenmore 100%
Rummy is a grownup. He understands politics - he has run for office himself. If Bush had to throw him to the wolves to win the election, Rummy would have understood. Thus, that explanation doesn't really fly.

In any event, there can be no clearer sign that Operation Cut and Run will commence ASAP. Hope they have a good helipad on the roof of the embassy in Baghdad.
Anyone remember the stories prior to this of Rummy offering his resignation, and Bush refusing?

I agree with anon above. He knows politics, and should know that he had become a lightning rod for criticism. If they could do it now, they could have done it a month ago, or three, and maybe the bleed last Tuesday wouldn't have been as bad.
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