Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pelosi moving to block Dem hawks 
That's right - if you voted for a moderate Democrat thinking you were going to steer the party in a more moderate direction, you've been pwn3d, bitch.

Nancy Pelosi, the woman who claimed "The war in Afghanistan is over" two years ago, and the woman who says that Iraq is "not a war to be won but a situation to be resolved" is going to push for Alcee Hastings, an impeached judge, to take the lead on the intelligence committee, even though if he weren't a member of Congress his sorry ass couldn't qualify for a TS clearance. (Neither could Nancy Pelosi, thanks to her writing tens of thousands of dollars in bad checks in the early 90s, while still a representative from CA. And if you think that's too old to be relevant, watch these self-righteous blowhards question Robert Gates on Iran Contra, from even earlier.)

Yes, even though it was moderates who, by and large, who took seats from Republican incumbents, they've all lined up to hand power to the nutcase wing of the Democrat party, despite their (professed) disagreement on the most important issue of our time - the importance of lasting, decisive victory over jihadist elements in Iraq.

Good move, you independents.

By the way - I hope you Libertarians enjoy the socialized health care, entitlement benefits, and higher taxes you're going to see after EGTRRA expires.

Way to be true to your principles.

Of course, at even greater fault are the dumbasses like Ted Stevens R-AK, who couldn't figure out that the Bridge to Nowhere, for many Republican lawmakers, leads back home in defeat.

Good riddance.

Maybe the GOP can wake up and bring us some real conservatives.

Splash, out


It is kind of amusing to look at your blogging of election night...

CNN hasn't called a single, solitary race for a Republican yet. (Dude, that is because the Republicans are getting shellacked!)

The fucktards at CNN have already called Maryland for the Democrat Cardin over Republican Bob Steele. (Not a bad call by the fucktards, as it turns out.)

Allen's been beating Webb all night, but it's close. (Doh!)

Lieberman defeats Lamont Suck it, libs!!! (Yeah, Joe Lieberman, he's a conservative Republican, go Joe!)

CNN still calling it for Cardin. (Yeah, and they're still right.)

Talent's got a 9 point lead in Missouri (Doh!)

Don't get me wrong, I'm as depressed as you are, but I don't think CNN bias had anything to do with this. This is the inevitable result of the President fucking up for many years in a row. He is the one who should resign, not Rumsfeld.
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