Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not news: Gannett Military Times calls for Rumsfeld to be replaced. 
News: The editorial will come out on Monday, the day prior to the midterm election.

Countercolumn: The editor says the timing of the piece is coincidental.

When the military dictates to the civilian authority it is called a military junta. So is the coup upcoming? Seems like the media wants one.
I say the editor is lying through his teeth.
The Army Times and its sister publications long ago became nothing more than the "National Enquirer" of the military world, only someone outside the military really takes anything other than the promotion scores takes anything that rag has to say seriously anymore.
Sounds like it's time for me to cancel my subscription.
I quit reading the Army Times right around the time of the invasion of Panama. We were treated to a column that talked about how inept our Rangers were because film of the expeditionary force revealed them to be mostly young kids, jostling around in heavy gear, whereas real proficient special ops troops moved stealthily, like cats, not clumsily like our guys did... The column was just a syndicated feature but the fact they bothered to include such tripe in a journal directed at a professional military audience convinced me that their editorial staff's judgment wasn't worth heeding.
Where Republicans went wrong is they didn't buy enough advertising in the Military Times. First Command was a huge advertiser. That's probably how they got the paper to interview people in news stories about First Command and not disclose that they were actually First Command sales representatives.
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