Friday, November 10, 2006

No greater love ... 
Cpl Jason Dunham, USMC, will receive the Medal of Honor.

Sorry for nitpicking, but this photo depicts the Army version of the Medal of Honor. Marines receive the medal of Navy design.
About damn time. Hopefully this means Peralta's is coming, too.
Done. Thanks for the correction. I had forgotten each service has its own design.

Don't ask me why each service has to have its own design. I thought that was one of the the things Al Gore was supposed to take care of with his whole "efficiency in government" kick.

I mean, God forbid someone in the Coast Guard does something heroic in the face of an armed enemy one of these days. Then what would we do? Mint a fourth design?
Oops. Someone from the Coast Guard DID win the MoH, in World War II.

Details over at Michelle Malkin's.

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