Friday, November 17, 2006

Message to Ehren Watada 
You may recall the case of Ehren Watada, a U.S. Army active duty lieutenant who refused to deploy with his unit to Iraq because he believes that the war is illegal and immoral.

Apparently, he expects us to look past the fact that the war was already on when he took his commissioning oath, stating that he makes his commitment freely, without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion, 'so help me God.'

Well, he's got a website, it turns out, called thankyoult.org.

I just wrote him the following message:

I served as an infantry officer in Ramadi during OIF I, from the spring of 2003 to March of 2004. I have held three company and detachment commands.

In my opinion, Ehren Watada's actions are a betrayal of his oath and his duty towards his unit and the men under his charge.

When he refused deployment with weeks left prior to departure, his platoon sergeant had to do double duty and his unit either had to mobilize someone else to go in his place or his platoon went to face the enemy shorthanded.

Ehren Watada (I will not cheapen the title "lieutenant" with his name) either accepted his commission fraudulently, intending to refuse all along as a publicity stunt, or he is a seditious coward with nothing approaching a soldier's honor.

I fully support the Army's prosecution. Any donations ought to go towards adopting the soldiers in his platoon, and compensating the family of the officer now doing Watada's duty, fighting in his place.

Ehren Watada's actions are disgraceful.

Splash, out


I totally agree Jason, but was only a lower enlisted fool ;)
Bravo! Jason - right on.
Even me, the LIBERAL guy, agrees. What a poser.
Desertion during wartime is what he should be charged with. I beleive it carries the death penalty.
His father was invited to speak on his son's behalf at Columbia University on Veterans Day. Columbia University has the largest student population of veterans in the Ivy League. We viewed his presence at Columbia as an insult and said so to the event organizers.
Thank you Jason for stating so eloquently what many of us feel.
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