Saturday, November 11, 2006

Heeeeere we go again!!! 
National Guard Brigades may see second Iraq tours.

This will be interesting to see, because the Army made the decision NOT to deploy the Brigade headquarters with our infantry battalions. They just wanted the grunts, and didn't want any troublesome National Guard brigadier generals running around making trouble for Regular Army Colonels.

Well, that was problematic, because they wound up sending the Brigade headquarters and support battalions on a separate mission to Afghanistan, without the infantry battalions. They've only recently returned. So while the Infantry battalions of the 53rd Infantry Brigade were one of the first Guard units into Iraq, and we've been home for two and a half years, the HQ company and support battalion troops would be turned right around.

Meanwhile, we have a lot of soldiers who came into the Guard from active duty, and signed on to a 1 or 2 year stabilization policy -- basically exempting them from federal activations for the period. It was part of the deal to get them into the Guard. In order to make up the difference, there will probably be another dose of IRR-mobilizations.

Recruiting and retention figures are still very strong, but the personnel people have a dicey problem to figure out. The Guard is not designed for multiple rotations in short time periods.

From National Guard Bureau Chief LTG Blum:

He said the first units to deploy in the war -- such as the 30th Infantry Brigade from North Carolina, the 76th Infantry Brigade from Indiana, the 53rd Infantry Brigade from Florida and the 39th Infantry Brigade from Arkansas -- would probably be among those first called for a second tour.

"Logic would lead you to go back to the ones that went first, and start going around again," said Blum. "But that's probably not exactly how we'll do it" because the decision will depend partly on what types of units are needed.

Blum also said the Pentagon would no longer break up the brigades and send them to war in smaller units. He said Guard brigades are more effective working as teams.

Well, we said that all along. But, you know, the regular Army has to learn things the hard way.

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What do you think the affect of this will be on retention figures, especially with the new lord and masters in the Congress? Do you think there will be so many re-upping now?

I predict that there will be a whole bunch of officers and NCO's who have put in their time who will just say good-bye to all that. They don't trust the dems and for good reason. When I read that they called McGovern in for consultation, that pretty much did it for me. When you have McGovern, Kerry and Murtha all there conspiring, you have problems and I really don't think Webb will be able to stand up against it but will buckle and go along to get along and get a good seating. What a disaster!!
How much of this is based on real war plans and how much on Blum grandstanding for more assets for the guard? I sure haven't seen a deployment roster reflecting these alleged deployments.
Jason, Sir,

Excellent post. I've had to accost the KosKids on a related issue.


Do you know what causes retention problems in the Guard when there isn't a war? It's home staion drills, sitting around the armory. Funny thing about recruiting advertisizing is that it works. When drills look like a recruiting ad, people stay. Soldiers sign up to serve, go figure.

I am not saying that the recent election hasn't got me second-guessing my own re-enlistment, but 1) It's way too late to change my mind and 2) we don't know what going to happen just yet.
I based my comment on the many stories about the attitude of a previous legislature towards the military and the number of people who chose to leave the military given the admin attitudes then. Unless this crew changes drastically from that attitude, then I would anticipate a lot of the people would leave because of not getting the support of the legislature and with the hearings and backbiting and media reporting. That the troops have held out against the media thus far says a lot more good about the troops than it does about the media, which is mediocre at best and biased and lying most of the time.
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