Sunday, November 26, 2006

Democrats: We support the troops ... 
by belittling and insulting them at every turn.

My son, an enlisted man, who graduated from college with honors, joins Chicago Mayor Daley's son and other college graduates in the army fighting our enemies. This old kook needs to be confronted publicity by some journalist with some stones, but alas, I doubt if there are too many of those available.
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Dumbasses these days are faced with few career options, as is typical for dumbasses in most times and places, at least outside of NYC, in areas other than in polling places, at times other than even numbered years.

After getting rejected from the military for having too low an ASVAB score, the only options open to a dumbass are to start prostituting one's self on local street corners, or to go into politics. Good to see the Hon. Mr. Rangel chose the straight and narrow path. Then again, the path of a streetcorner entrepeneur might have been a more honest admission of his essential nature...
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