Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yeah, it's been light. My apologies if you're regular. The good news is it's been light because the music's flowing like crazy. Yeah, that does you a lot of good. But I'm happiest when I'm playing lots of music with friends, and a couple of people have met me away from music and commented that I've never seemed so upbeat and happy.

Yeah, I feel pretty good, whatever happens in the election.

Last night I got to play with someone I hardly ever get to play with... My friend George is about 80 years old, and a TERRIFIC fiddler, with a keen sense of time, and who makes everything fun. George and I, and Eamonn Dillon (from John McDermott's band) and a fantastic guitar player visiting from San Jose closed down a pub in Delray beach, doing nothing but playing the traditional jigs and reels, and telling people who requested Fields of Athenrye to f*ck off!!!

Life is too short to play sappy tunes.

Night before that we closed down a pub in North Lauderdale.

Yes, I'm addicted. It's like a drug to me.

Plus, apparently I'm not the same fiddler I was a year ago. Which is a good thing, because hopefully I've been getting better.

'Ere's a pint to yas.

And for God's sake, whoever wins, if you've got the loser's bumper sticker on your car two days after the election, you're wrong. The winners represent all of us, and all of us are represented by the winners.

Yes, that means you, dipshits with the Kerry stickers still on your cars.

Splash, out


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