Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Todd Beamer's Dad Speaks Out on the Iraq War 
Funny, I don't hear much talk about Todd Beamer's dad's moral authority being "absolute.

Indeed, the reaction of the baying hyenas on the left has been to castigate him.

They just can't see their double-standard: it's okay for people like Cindy Sheehan to use a dead son to further a political agenda, but someone with conservative, pro-Bush views, that's a big no-no...
There's no double standard at all. Conservatives are evil, doncha know, so whatever they do that progressives dislike must be inherently wrong.

Life can be so simple.
"Life can be so simple" ...and simpler still, when every action/headline in the world - no matter who or what - is "the fault of the Bush Administration". My gag reflex has just about reached it's quota.
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