Monday, October 16, 2006

An average 14 French policemen a day are wounded in clashes in Muslim slums.

That's not much different from my back-of-the-envelope numbers for the number of coalition combat wounded each day in Iraq.

Splash, out


I agree, Jason. It's pretty bad. It's time for the French to make a phased withdrawal.

It's not cut & run... it's 'snip & pereambulate.' Which is utterly, totally different.

If wanting the French out of France makes me a defeatocrat like John "run away... keeep runnniiinnnngg" Murtha, then call me a defeatocrat.

Any word on the severity of those wounds? I used to be appalled by the 'wounded' figures from Iraq until I read that half return to duty within 72 hours...

The anti-war crowd - how dumb are they? - harped on the dead number so much. They could easily have lumped dead and wounded together as "casualties" and we'd be hearing a horrifying "20,000" figure every day. On second thought, shhhh....(They certainly get away with lumping all the Iraqi civilian dead together regardless of who kills them.)

Remember: When GIJoe kills civilians, that's a bug - but when teh moojies kill civilians, that's a FEATURE.
You continue to wander in circles. Simon and the Lefties continue to speak the truth. What else is new?...
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