Friday, October 20, 2006

Priest: "Naked massage didn't count as sex" 
Behold the Clinton legacy.

Wow, found a way to blame part of the Foley scandal on Clinton, huh?

It's all Clinton's fault - he turned Foley into a hypocrite by putting him in a position where he was forced to demand CLinton be impeached.
No. Are you really that thick?

It was Clinton who created a legal defense that relied on oral sex not counting as sex for the purposes of avoiding conviction on the articles of impeachment. This priest is simply adopting the same precise logic as Clinton does.

The Clinton legacy is that such an absurd position can be even plausible.

To put it another way - if Democrats cannot accept this priest's logic here, are they really saying Clinton did commit perjury?

Foley's involvement in this is tangental.
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