Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Orcs from Nork 
Krauthammer was all over this back in 2002.

One of the proudest achievements of the Clinton administration was the Agreed Framework with North Korea. Clinton assured us that it froze the North Korean nuclear program. North Korea gave us a piece of paper promising to freeze; we gave North Korea 500,000 tons of free oil every year and set about building -- also for free -- two huge $2 billion nuclear power plants that supposedly could be used only to produce electricity. Japan and South Korea were induced to give tons of foreign aid as well, Clinton being the committed multilateralist, even in extortion.

It turns out the North Koreans took the loot and lied. Surprise! All the while they were enriching uranium. They now brazenly admit to having a nuclear weapons program and other weapons of mass destruction.

There is now a brazen campaign on the part of some to embrace the breathtaking absurdity that the entire reason North Korea's 15-year nuclear program is reaching fruition now is because George Bush included the world's biggest wholesale operator of modern concentration camps in the tripartite Axis of Evil.

This is a baldfaced lie. North Korea had been enriching Uranium for years. It should be obvious by now that the Clinton/Carter/Albright team had been taken advantage of, stooges that they were. Carter gave Kim Jong Il not one, but two nuclear reactors. Gave them to them! Barely a decade after Israeli airmen were risking their lives to take out Osiris in Iraq, Bill Clinton - always eager to please - struck a deal that leaves the free world with a mouthful of ashes.

North Korea can cause a ton of damage in South Korea, but that was it. It has not had the heat to be a truly existential threat to South Korea in some time. The only way they can take territory is to send their hapless army into a buzz saw of death down restrictive terrain in outdated BTR-60s. I doubt their spare parts acquisition and distribution systems are up to the challenge.

Il was bluffing all along, and we played right into it.

Il is a paranoid and brutal, delusional and pathetic little man. His army will not commit mass suicide for him. They might have for Kim Il Sung, but not for Kim Jong Il.

At any rate, the Chaidong gulags were built long before Bush called a spade a spade. Entire families have been perishing in North Korean gulags for generations, thanks to the North Korean policy of arresting and imprisoning entire families of dissidents, and holding hostage the families of those who travel abroad.

Kim Jong Il is the POSTER CHILD for despotic evil in the modern world. And the left objects now to the leader of the free world pointing that out?

They have no shame. No shame at all. There is no principle on Earth the left is not willing to sell out in the reckless pursuit of short-term partisan advantage.

Had Churchill known enough about the German death camps in the summer of 1939 to muster a full-throated condemnation, the left would now be accusing Churchill of inspiring Auschwitz himself.

The left objects to the characterization of Kim Jong Il's regime as evil.

I challenge anyone who agrees with that singularly noxious sentiment to read this entire page - and then convince me that George Bush was wrong.

The Sainted President Clinton can gift wrap two nuclear reactors and FedEx them to the camp kommandants himself, and gets a pass. But the left wants to blame Bush for pointing out the obvious.

The left continues to thirst for power like Gollum for the ring. Politics stop at the planet's edge for them.

Frigging runatics.

Sprash, out


Can you point to the two new reactors Clinton built for NK?
Use google maps so we can see these two new reactors,
You're right. Clinton TRIED to give North Korea two nuclear reactors. The Republican congress wisely saw what a fucking idiot he was and what a bendover Carter was and refused to fund the deal. The North Koreans then restarted the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon and continued the course Clinton sought to prevent.

Good points, son. I guess that's gonna leave a mark.

Too bad the Lefties can't manage to find the courage to address the death camps themselves. Perhaps they could offer themselves up as human shields for the prisoners.

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