Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Only a journo could think like this ... 
From Time Magazine:

Headline: The Search for a Missing U.S. Soldier: A Double Standard?

Subhead: As a busy Baghdad neighborhood is shut down so U.S. forces can conduct house-to-house searches, Iraqis lament the loss of business — and wonder why.

The "why," of course, is self-evident: We search for him because he is one of ours. We search for him because, unlike the Arabs, we value the lives of our countrymen. American troops are honor bound not to leave a brother behind on the battlefield - and we will go to incredible - even superhuman - lengths to recover him.

It is one of the bonds of brotherhood that holds us together. It is an important part of the cement that holds all ranks together.

It is also part of the bond that holds us and the brave Iraqi troops who are risking their lives for their country together, because we would do the same for them.

And obviously, they're doing it for us.

The citizens of Hit could stop the lockdown tomorrow simply by identifying and turning in the insurgents. Their call.

There is, of course, nothing in the Time article to suggest that their editors grasp that. Rather, they write the piece as if what we're doing is an affront to the people of the city of Hit.


The citizens of Hit should join in the search. If they do not, then their complaints on this subject aren't worth worrying about anyway.

Splash, out


I could not agree more with Jason on this one. He's one of ours and we should do whatever to get him back. It wont matter to me if he's white, black, left or right, if he's catholic, protestant, or atheist.

The people of Hit would do themselves a big favor and learn a thing or two while they have the chance.

And if the time writer is as advertised, he should buy himself a clue.
Whoa sparky...the Time dude is from the 'cut and run' segment of American society...you know, liberals, the mainstay of the MSM. What do you expect? Did you really think some writer for Time gives a rat's rear end for one of our GI's?
What gets me is what on Earth possesses a journo to do a piece on the downside of looking for a missing brother?

That's just a totally alien mindset to me. No doubt my mindset is alien to them, too.
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