Monday, October 30, 2006

Mick O'Brien and Caomhin O'Raighallaigh 
When I first heard a bootleg version of their unaccompanied duets (Kilty Lie Over), I was blown away. That was the sound I was after.

Still chasing that sound.

Please enlighten me about those instruments. I see what appears to be an eight string violin. Are the secondary strings drones or are they touched by the bow? I also see some sort of pipe but nobody blowing into it, have they a slave hidden somewhere? Will you name these instruments?

I do enjoy your music posts. It's clear that American bluegrass has an irish cousin.

Bill - the pipes you see are the Uilleann pipes. Uileann is the Gaelic word for "elbow." The bag is inflated by means of a bellows the piper straps to his side and works with his elbow.

The fiddle design is Scandinavian - a hardanger fiddle, I think, but I could be wrong. Don't know how it's tuned off hand, but there are different tunings you can use.

There are many tunes that cross over directly from the Irish and Scottish traditions to the bluegrass community - Rights of Man, Red Haired Boy, The Cuckoo's Nest, Soldier's Joy, and Flowers of Edinburgh are well known in both worlds, for example.
Somehow ended up at a website called The Session. What a great find!!

Thanks. I have been looking for a good source of Welsh materials since that is my main background (3 of my 4 grandparents were Welsh and the part of central Ohio where I grew up has a huge Welsh basis although it is now mostly lost).

Never know what I will find when I read your stuff. Some righteous reading of the idiocies of the media coupled with a lesson in Celtic folk music.

Also found a lot from Natalie MacMasters there. I was lucky enough to see her in Dayton, Ohio at their annual music festival. They block off about 6 blocks of the downtown and have music for 3 days, all kinds of music from Russian balilaika to Cajun to Mariachi to big band jazz to Celtic. The time I was there Natalie was the headliner and what a show she put on!! Outstanding!! The whole place was jumping up and down with her. Loved it. I was told she was asked back every year. I really enjoyed myself there and I understand that the performances are put on in various places all over the country.
Thanks for brightening up a rainy work day afternoon!
I know this post is about to drop off the front page, but...

What is it about this sound that you're chasing? I can't hear it, and don't know what it is about this piece that you're striving to achieve.
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