Thursday, October 26, 2006

Memo to Senator George Allen 
Don't be an idiot. It's FICTION, dumbass!

Tell the freaking Church Lady to find another job, kick her off your campaign, and get back to the issues.

Splash, out


You are a freekin idiot. Good to eleminate one more blog from my bookmarks and cut your viewers by 5-6 per day.
Thanks Jason, that's exactly what I said.
Holy crap, Anonymous...you log on to Countercolumn five or six times a day, and I'M the idiot?!?!?

Consider the source! :)
I dunno... what Webb says in his books is at least as "important" as who said the n-word 30 years ago...
I think that it's fair to say that Webb was the first to pull the trigger on dumping slimy opposition research into the campaign. Once you do that, or tolerate others who do it, you should be prepared for the other guy to unload just as hard.

It's kind of like US WMD policy, don't use any against us and we won't use any against you. Tit for tat isn't my first choice for how to run a campaign but it's where we've ended up.

So how do you fix this for next time really becomes the only possible response. This race's virginity on sleazy tactics is long gone.
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