Saturday, October 14, 2006

Liberal bias? 
What liberal bias?

Some things are just frigging beyond parody.

Hey, there's some truth to that article. And sometimes, the truth hurts -

That sure explains the mental make up of a democrat. Stupid is good as long as it looks good. Yep, i'll buy that, brains not required.

That would also explain the brainless Kennedy, Hanoi John Kerry, Peloshi, Boxer, Turbin Durbin and others. The democ'rat party is also blind.
First of all, to claim that this piece is evidence of "liberal bias" is facile. If anything, it's critical of the Democrats for using a seemingly shallow strategy.

Second, to those who claim that "brains are not required" by Democratic voters, you're blatantly ignoring the stream of former celebrities and sports personalities that the GOP has put in office: Reagan, Arnold, Gopher from the Love Boat, Tom Osborne, Sonny Bono, Steve Largent, etc. Check the mirror sometime.
Yeah, it sucks that we elected that brainless actor Reagan, who devised and implemented a plan to crush the Soviets and end the Cold War. If only we'd stuck with the much more intelligent Democrat, Jimmy Carter - he devised and implemented a plan to keep the cheap shoes of Soviet leaders all shiny with his saliva.
Right, because jacking up military spending and tripling the deficit just as the Russian economy was dying a natural death was a brilliant plan. Who else but a genius (whose best rejoinder to the press was, "I can't hear you, gotta go") could have come up with that?
Yeah, Gopher from the Love Boat. What a brainless turd that guy is...

BTW, his name is Fred Grandy. He's a double Harvard grad - undergrad and I believe a masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School. Yeah, what a moron.

I'm guessing that if 'Gopher' is a moron, Anonymous, you must be Yale undergrad and Yale Law. I mean, it takes some pretty big brains to call a guy who graduated with highest honors from those programs an idiot... so quite frankly I stand in awe of your intellectual candlepower, very rarely does one see that level of brainpower in an individual. I'm sure those who are close to you are also somewhat stunned by the workings of your intellect as well.
Riiiiight, because we had nothing to do with putting the crunch on the Soviets economically and militarily, destroying their hard currency earnings, and attacking their overextended empire through economic warfare, psychological warfare, and support of insurgencies around the world. You just go on thinking the Soviet Empire died a natural death, champ. Why, everything we know about the Soviet leaders tells us their commitment to world revolution and Soviet power was so weak that they'd pull the plug without any outside incentive. If you weren't so heavily invested in the idea of "Reagan as an idiot" it might occur to you that it is rather unlikely that the Soviets were the only rulers of a Great Power in the history of the world to give up their imperial ambitions without a fight.

Verdict on the death of the Soviet Empire: not natural causes, not suicide. Murder.
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