Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An interesting juxtaposition 
CNN had an unfortunate juxtaposition of subheads this afternoon:

Sen. John McCain calls remark an insult to "every soldier serving in combat"
• Vietnam vet Kerry hits back at "Republican hacks" who never served in military

Yeah. That describes Senator McCain.

A lot of us Republican hacks DID serve in the military, Senator. We just don't insult or disgrace it.

I'm willing to accept the CHANCE that he misspoke. I think it IS a chance, because there is a sizeable portion of the Democrat party that does believe the military is a collection of dupes and ne'er-do-wells at best, and rapists, torturers, and terrorizers of children. Kerry is one of those bastards.

Kerry is a first-class dolt. What he ought to do is simply apologize for his gaffe, say that's not what he meant and he's sorry, and move on with life.

No. He's got to dig his hole deeper by lumping a 5-year POW and another serving Senator with people who have never served.

What an ass.

It's his fundamental arrogance - breathtaking to behold. The man is the sine qua non of conceit. This is his "I don't fall down" syndrome taking hold again.

If I were running the Democratic party, and thought I was ahead in the polls leading up to the election, I'd have my known morons, like Kerry and Dean, playing "Prince Ruprecht the Monkey Boy."

As in, "Shut the f*ck up and don't blow this for us!" I'd say.

But never underestimate the Democrats' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Ahead by one run in the 9th inning, the Democrats have walked the winning run into scoring position.

Splash, out


Jason, I'll go you one better. I actually believe Kerry was trying to make a joke about Bush. I didn't think so the first or second or third time I heard his crack, but after hearing his excuse, I listened again and decided that's probably what he meant, in his own feeble little mind. That being said, I have even bigger objections to what he's said since.

First, for him to claim in his press conference this afternoon that he'd never insult the soldiers is an even bigger insult to both us and history. He perjured himself when he made unfavorable comparisons of our predecessors in Vietnam to "Jhenjis" Kahn. More recently he slandered us all when he claimed we were terrorizing women and children. Part of his f'ing problem is John F'ing Kerry doesn't even realize how insulting his comments are to us, or that his denials are worse than the insulting comments to begin with, which brings us to:

Second, Kerry's tirade today about what a failure we've been in Iraq slanders every soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who has enlisted or re-enlisted since 9/11, or who has otherwise voluntarily continued his/her service since then. His denigration of the mission today implies we were too stupid to realize what we were getting into and that the mission we are too stupid not to believe in is doomed to failure. The condescension resident in Kerry's whole attitude is itself insulting to us.

Third, Kerry's comment that we are 'cutting and running from Afghanistan' during his little public fit today is so hypocritical it actually caricaturizes rather than characterizes him. He's from the same crowd that whined, moan, bitched, complained, detracted, and otherwise pitched a fit over the fact that our coalition wasn't big enough to suit them. He and his ilk based most of their complaints falsely on Bush not getting international support for our counter-terrorist actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. The Bush administration has had a huge diplomatic success in convincing our NATO partners to not only take an active role in Afghanistan, but to actually step up to the plate and take responsibility for much of the mission there, and this jackass now wants to call precisely what his cowardly crowd called for 'cutting and running'.

Finally, for Kerry to joke about Bush's education, as he rather weakly claims to have done, is ridiculous. Bush did slightly better in school than Kerry did, and Kerry's intellectual output in the years since both got through school in relative mediocrity is nothing to brag about. The smartest thing he's ever done is marry into money, and he's so unoriginal he did it twice.

OOPS. Left out one last point. The least Kerry could have done is listen to the tape of his own silly little joke and recognize that 99.8% of other people listening to it thought he was insulting the troops. Even the friendly crowd in California largely didn't laugh because they thought so, too.

If he had bothered to check, then at his snit today should have included at least an apology for not being more specific in his shitty little "joke" and for not making it clearer at the time he specifically meant the president.

Of course, then he'd have had to explain how an 'uneducated' dolt who 'got stuck in Iraq' managed to get re-elected to the WH over Kerry himself. Oh, yeah, there are plenty of left wing conspiracy theories to cover him there, so if he had merely apologized for the confusion it would have been a win-win.
Ahead by one run in the 9th inning, the Democrats have walked the winning run into scoring position.

Doubt it.
Ahead by one run in the 9th inning, the Democrats have walked the winning run into scoring position.

Doubt it.

I dunno. John F. Kerry has put front and center the one issue the Dems don't want anywhere near their campaigns: national security.

As Jason astutely observes, JFK could have made this all go away with an appropriately worded apology, then shut his lips and leave it go. But no, the junior Senator from Massachusetts needed to get the last word in, and much like Br'er Rabbit, wonders why he's getting more and more goop on him and not escaping the situation.

Difference being that JFK isn't clever enough to ask to be thrown into the briar patch...nah, he'll keep digging - and keep the spotlight on himself and the issues of the war against the terrorists/national security.
Well, John Kerry's ability to continue to tapdance on his own member without realizing the pain it is causing never ceases to amaze.

So today, he issues what has become all too typical of both sides of the aisle in Washington - the non-apology apology:

I sincerely regret that my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform, and I personally apologize to any service member, family member, or American who was offended.

In other words, "I sincerely regret that you screwed up and didn't read my f'ing mind and instead listened to what I actually said." Or, more simply, "I apologize for you screwing up."

Senator, your apology is NOT accepted. Not until you actually accept blame for offending and insulting us by what you actually said, regardless of what you think you meant by it.

Even though I see the little jab in the line. All he did was use today's boogie man to tell kids to stay in school and study hard. I know it's election week, and so does everyone else. That's why I just don't see this flying, it's got no feet. I mean really, full grown, big bad soldiers are hurt and crying, they almost got their panties in a knot because Kerry called them names... I mean really. I know it's elections season and all but you can have to much of a good thing.
Oh grow up and try to be less hypocritical. Whatever Kerry's intentions, his comment would have to go some to compare with Bush's heartless statement that in the history books all the death and destruction in Iraq (including dead American troops) will amount to "just a comma". Where was the outrage from Republicans and from the troops when Bush said that? All I heard was crickets chirping.
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