Friday, October 06, 2006

The great issues of our time 
While the most gullible people in America are pulling their hair out over trivialities like Foleygate and all this war stuff, the serious thinkers among us are applying some serious candlepower to the critical issues of our time:

Who's better, the Bangles or the Go-Go's?

I'd have to go with the Bangles for reasons 1 (Susanna Hoffs) and 3 (Hazy Shade of Winter).
It's all about Susanna Hoffs. Bangles beat the go-go's any day of the week.

Although, The Go-Go's should be commended for their social activism. Their protest song* about female circumcision brough attention what was going on in parts of sub-saharan Africa years before most people grew concerned.

* 'Our Lips Are Sealed'
Your average person knows about three Bangles songs. Your average person knows about three Go-Gos songs.

The three Bangles songs are "Hazy Shade of Winter", "Talk Like An Egyptian" and "Manic Monday".

"Manic Monday" was penned by Prince. "Hazy Shade of Winter" is a Simon and Garfunkel tune.

Meanwhile, "Our Lips Are Sealed", "We've Got The Beat" and "Vacation" were writtin within the band.

Go-Gos, hands down.
Go-Go's for the music, Bangles for the raunchy party after the concert...
I'm down with the Go-Go's. Their stuff still has an infectious, vibrant energy to it. The Bangles seemed to take themselves too seriously.

Anybody who covers "Hazy Shade of Winter" takes themselves too seriously.

Now, if they had covered "At the Zoo" it would be different.
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