Sunday, October 08, 2006

Democratic Support of Veterans 
Memo to Democrats:

Next time your chuckleheaded staff makes a web page demonstrating the Democratic commitment to veterans, try to ensure that the pictures of veterans you run are from the right frigging country!

I don't know what you're bitching about, Jason. The tiny little Canadian military is much more in line with what most lefty democrats support for THIS country than our own already-small-by-proportion-to-population-and-gnp military, even in a time of war. Why shouldn't they support the Canadian troops who won't go to Iraq, either?
I wonder if they paid for the picture. It was taken off a copyrighted photographer's site.
Photographer says no. He sold it to istockphotos.com, and the DNC bought it from there.

A lot of bloggers have run it without paying for it, though.

Not that I should talk. :)
The tiny little Canadian military is much more in line with what most lefty democrats support for THIS country

In terms of size and budget, that may be true. But in terms of its outlook, the Canadian military is pretty much in line with the SoCom boys - in spite of being small and ill-equipped, it is a hard core, very professional military force and the individual soldiers are as most professional soldiers have been throughout time, right wing, very mean when they ought to be, and delightfully coarse. If some boys from the Princess Pat's were drinking Labatts in Nancy Pelosi's drawing room with some lads from 1/75th Rangers, Pelosi would be torn between which group to attempt to throw out first.

The answer, of course, is she'd only have to throw out the Rangers. If she wanted the Canadians to leave, she could simply ask politely, and they'd leave.
Maj D,

In case you hadn't noticed, there are whole lot of Canucks operating in Afghanistan right now (Khandahar and southern provinces - which are the hottest region for Taliban operations) and they've been there for more than a year.
Al, I never complain about the Canadian troops' quality as every one of the very few I've had the pleasure of working with has been extremely professional. The quantity, however...

BTW, your scenario assumes you could get the guys from the 75th INTO the room with Pelosi to begin with...

Dean, I have noticed. That's why I said Iraq. Our democrats want us 'out of Iraq'. They claim they don't want us out of Afghanistan.

Of course you could get them into the room, Maj. Dave. You'd just have to remind that that (1) it's deep in enemy territory; and, (2) there's probably some choice food and booze to be had, once the initial occupant is dislodged from the position.

As for throwing them out... well, if you'd said that was conjecture, I would have agreed with you. Everybody knows that the only people who can displace a Ranger from someplace he wants to stay are the Ranger, or some PFC from Graves Registration. A left wing pol from San Francisco doesn't stand a chance.

On a serious note, a bunch of the Kossack left, included Duncan "Nuke 'em All" Black, are talking about Afghanistan as a mistake. So it looks like they want to cut & run there, too. My own thought is that if Congress is determined to half ass both efforts, we should leave. I'd really rather we did it right, leaving would be a mission failure and dishonor the dead, but if Congress doesn't want to do the tough things (w/r/t long term troop levels and defense funding and commitment) necessary to win, then we shouldn't waste life there. There is nothing to make me think anybody in Congress possesses the backbone necessary to raise these issues with the voters. Yeah, I'm getting a bit cynical about our elected leadership...
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