Sunday, September 03, 2006

Unseemly criticism 
There are some on the right who are leveling criticism at those two journalists from Fox news who were kidnapped by Hamas and forced, on pain of death, to tape their "conversions" to Islam.

Such criticism is itself unseemly...even ghoulish.

I recognize that Jesus himself would have done no such thing. And several of His apostles, who themselves died horrrible deaths rather than renounce Him, would have died rather than make those statements.

For that reason, I cannot say it would have been wrong for those two men to have gone down in a blaze of glory - as did Fabrizio Quatrocci, who tried to tear off his hood and yelled "I'll show you how an Italian dies!"

We'd all like to think we could do that.

But we're not there. We have no idea what the real conflicts are. We have no idea what the promises they made to their wives and children, or what they live for in the future, or who may be counting on them back home.

We have surviving to bear witness to Auschwitz only because some of the victims were selected for labor, rather than immediate extermination. They, too, made a compromize. They made brushes for the Reich rather than go to the chamber.

And they are blameless.

I rejected criticism of Jill Carroll for saying what she needed to say to stay alive.

I reject criticism here, too.

They did what they had to do.

They had courage enough to go to Gaza, knowing the risks, and report from there.

That is more physical courage than many of their critics will ever have the need to display.

I hereby commence the cutting of the slack.

Splash, out


Concur. Do what you have to do to live and fight another day.
Typical Fox News traitors.
Even Simon Peter denied Christ. We all have our moments of strength and our droughts of weakness.

What angers me is that there are NO fatwas exonerating Wiig and Centanni from reprisal for apostasy from Islam because their conversions were coerced.

None. Why is that? Probably because islam is based on conquest and coercion. I'll admit that I was wrong; I bought the whole line of a Religion of Peace that was hijacked by a few fundamentalist whackos.

I am no longer fooled by misinformation and taqqiya of our enemies.
While such criticism does look cruel on the surface, the point of it is this; until they recant of their conversion, they provide excellent examples of the West's inability to believe in anything strongly. Once again, Islam's enemies are exposed as pampered and effete, unable or unwilling to risk their lives for their culture.

We're losing the ideological war, and no matter how logical or even acceptable these men's behavior was, this is still a PR disaster for us.
No, I don't buy that argument.

This is a PR nonevent.
We'll see, I guess. I expect to see more of these kidnapping/conversion events in the near future.
You're right, it's cruel to coerce someone to convert to your religion. They should have played some fraternity pranks on the Fox News reporters instead. Then Bill O'Reilly could have called it no big deal.
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