Thursday, September 14, 2006

Swishing On To War... 
Check out this picture of former Marine Tim Smith. They didn't know he was gay?

Just LOOK at the guy!

I'm seeing a recruiter's office. And I'm seeing ferns. Lots of them. And chrome and glass furniture.

And I'm seeing the Marine Corps Band:

Young man, there's a place you can go.

Splash, out


Doesn't he play the son on Nip/Tuck?
so what exactly is this post about?

You've been there, done that and as an officer responsible for a significant number of people.

I'm curious (and this is not a writing assignment): do you have a position on homosexuals in the military? Is their presence really a problem (the leadership obviously thought so in the '90's, but you're much closer to where that particular rubber hits the road)? Or is the whole issue just a reflection of a wider cultural conflict over sexual orientation?

Hey...look there...in the lower-right hand corner of the Village People album cover.

Isn't that D-Day, from Animal House?
I've actually talked to the guy. That would erase any doubt, but then again, he was speaking AGAINST Don't Ask/Don't Tell.
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