Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More guitar blogging 
Dunno who this is, but it's cool.

Erik Mongrain, from Canada. Trawl around YouTube and you'll find more clips--his website has some interesting things including tabulature.

I saw Michael Hedges in concert many times and am sad he's gone.
Yeah, Hedges was great.

Incidentally, the American Harp Guitar Society is holding its convention in Naples FL, soon. I don't have a harp guitar, but I may attend anyway.

Email if you want details.
Thanks...wish I could go, but work and finances don't allow it. Rats.

Try Luthier's Mercantile and the neighborhood Air Force base wood shop...you'd get yerself a harp geetar...
IF you like this style of guitar playing, you should definitely check out Preston Reed. It's safe to say the Eric probably got some inpiration from Preston Reed. I saw Preston in Tampa in 2005, and he had the crowd stunned with is playing style, check him out.
Concur on Reed. I bought his Handwritten Notes on the recommendation of Charles Johnson, and it's a fine collection of guitar action. Tim Reynolds is good, too, speaking of stunt acoustic guitarists.
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