Friday, September 22, 2006

Let's make a train that goes 280 miles per hour! 
A marvel of German engineering. What could possibly go wrong?

Typical CNN rubbish: It states the accident is in Northwestern Germany in the state (land) of Saxony...on the Eastern border.
It was a human error and a very tragic accident. I hope that no one who has lost someone near and dear is reading your callous remark.
There are some things that CounterColumn will not joke about.

But I've already joked about people getting their hands blown off, child sexual abuse, girls getting raped in the New Orleans Convention Center, cannibalism, and the Holocaust.

So why should I make an exemption for German train accident victims?

At any rate, I don't recall anyone named "me - " or anyone else, for that matter, objecting when I was writing these egregiously offensive CounterColumn News Tickers starting during Katrina.

Germans are't widely known for their sense of humor, though.

I take it back.

There's nothing CounterColumn won't joke about.
Holy Crap! I just realized, just two days ago I wrote a post about a 12 year old Jewish girl who was brutalized on a bus in England.

And I wrote a joke about that, too!

Funny. You didn't seem to object. The victim wasn't blonde enough? I don't get it.
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