Friday, September 22, 2006

Du bist der Land von Sitzpinkeln!!!!!

LATE LAST YEAR, at the invitation of Nato, and in the company of a small band of globetrotting pundits, I travelled to Afghanistan to witness first-hand the allied operation to reconstruct the benighted country.

After a day of briefings in Kabul, our friendly Nato hosts flew us by military transport to Herat, on the western border with Iran. We were due to spend a day touring a Nato post in the city and then fly back that evening to the capital. But the Danish plane that had taken us developed propeller problems and was grounded. As we cooled our heels outside the airfield , we waited for word of the aircraft that was supposed to come for us: a German C-130.

It soon became clear that the replacement plane was not coming. The reason, it turned out, was that the Germans would not fly in the dark. German aircraft are not permitted by their national rules to undertake night flights.


Please do us a favor and check your german grammar and spelling before posting.
I'll hazard a guess, based on a couple of military tours with NATO troops in Germany, that the German pilots are unable to train for night flights in Germany and therefore can't undertake them in Afghanistan.

Train as you fight. Or not.
Thank you, er, me, for being so specific and helpful.

By the way. "German" is capitalized in English. :)
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