Monday, September 04, 2006

Just how many "top lieutenants" does Al Qaeda in Iraq have?

How many top lieutenants? As many as Bush needs at election time.
You're saying that some of these people weren't? That they were trumped up at election time?

Ok, dipshit, I'm calling your bluff.

Which ones?

Be specific.
Well geez, you capture or kill the current #2, and he gets a new #2, is that so hard to believe?
Oh come on, the whole thing is right out of 1984. Bush's people invent a new archenemy every month. That one wears thin. Remember when Zarqawi's killing was going to make things so much better? Remember "Mission Accomplished" and "last throes?"

They've told so many lies they don't know which way is up.
Well, the challenge was to demonstrate which, and how many of these alleged top lieutenants, were in actuality not top AQ guys at all... Not to engage in more speculation unencumbered by fact.

So go ahead. Make the case.
Sorry, but I think the public is too busy laughing at your stupid idiot to bother to "make the case." He's the boy who cried wolf.
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