Monday, September 18, 2006

...and not the good kind.

I've entered the fray at From the Horse's Mouth, where the Demiots are sticking up for Bilal Hussein.

So far, the intellectually dishonest, childish pukes that currently make up the mainstream left have posted that I think it was Ok for Al Qaeda to decapitate Danny Pearl, and that it wasn't Al Qaeda that did it, but Pakistani militants. Oh, and that POWs are entitled to due process (even though the smart one there abandoned that argument.

But then, what can you expect from a guy called "Redleg?"

Ugh - just back from The Horse's Mouth and I need a shower.

The best part is how they accuse Hinderaker / Rethuglicans / Bush cultists (our secret handshake is wicked cool!), etc. of parsing, omissions, straw men, specious arguments, name-calling, etc. - and then engage in parsing, omissions, straw men, specious arguments, name-calling, etc.

One even had the unselfconscious irony to refer to someone else's "cognitive dissonance".
Eesh. I took a look at the Power Line post. It's just fine. Looks like there's some entrenched opinions that are too resistant to facts--and there is no understanding of what it means for a guy to get captured on the battlefield with other bad guys and bomb on his breath.

Deep problems there. The author of the Horse's Mouth post lost any credibility he had with me--and it's a shame, really. When are we going to get a left that knows how to fight a war, rather than posture?
Speaking of beheadings, how about the ones committed by the U.S. military, complete with using the heads as soccer balls afterwards? And what about the Liar-in-Chief's "ally" Saudi Arabia, which supplied most of the 9/11 hijackers and which decapitates dozens of people every year?

It's enough to make you want to hold hands with the valiant prince.
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