Friday, September 22, 2006

Chicken Pickin' Summit 
Here's a fun one for all you guitar pickers out there:

Vince Gill, Albert Lee, and Danny Gatton, tearin' it up!

Oh, and don't miss this one from the late great Gatton

Just before I left for Desert Storm, I myself played at Gallagher's as well. (Alright, so it was an open mike, and I mostly just did my best Bobby McFerrin impression, but hey, a gig's a gig, right?)
I remember hearing one particular story about Gatton's playing there. If I remember right, he was so good he was actually banned from playing there again, because he packed the place so much that the waitresses couldn't get to the tables to take orders! Now that I've heard an example of his work at his height, I understand why. Thanks for this, Jason.
He truly was the Humbler, and the other two ain't bad, either.
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