Friday, September 29, 2006

Carter: "U.S. has never had a policy of preemptive war" 
Manuel Noriega, Chief Joseph, Patricio Montojo y Pasaron, Baby Doc Duvalier, Maurice Bishop, Ho Chi Minh, Marine Corps veterans of a series of small interventions in the Carribean and Central America duing the 30s, Khair ad Din, Queen Lilioukalani, Kim Sung Il, Benito Mussolini, Slobodan Milosevic, Huk Rebellion, Moammar Khaddafi, Allende, CIA veterans of Iranian invasion of Oman in 1970, Citizens of Beirut, Veterans of the Tanker War, Mohammad Farah Aidid all unavailable for comment.

According to Dimmy Carter the war agains Japan was the only legal war the U.S. has been in since the Civil War. Makes sense if you are an idiot.
Yeah. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. So we launch an illegal invasion of Sicily.

War Of Choice!!!!!!
A lot of your examples are not truly pre-emptive, they were reactive. Noriega actually declared war on us (laughable as it was to do so). So did Mussolini. Kim Il Sung invaded South Korea, so our involvement in the Korean War was not pre-emptive. Khaddafi attacked our troops, so spanking him was not pre-emptive.

An activist policy of military intervention is not necessarily the same as a policy of "pre-emptive war". There was little fear, if any, that any of the guys you cite were planning to attack the US, and therefore when we gave them a beat-down we were not acting pre-emptively.

But anyway, nothing would energize me more to vote GOP, if I were a Nevada voter, than incompetent dipshit Jimmy Carter speaking in favor of a Democratic candidate.
Many people don't know this, but the official policy of the United States on the use of nuclear weapons is, and has always been:

"Use first if need be."

If that's not a "policy of pre-emptive war," I don't know what is.

Delusion, thy name is Carter.
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