Tuesday, September 19, 2006

According to C-Net 
If I got myself a whopping 65-inch flat-panel TV set, the maximum viewing distance is 16.2 feet.
Who the f***k writes this stuff? Mr. Magoo?

I can see the CounterColumn News Ticker headline now: C-Net welcomes Stevie Wonder to its AudioVisual Advisory Board.

Splash, out


Well, they probably sat there and counted each and every pixel just to get the distance range just right ;p
My projection setup works out to about 63" diagonal for 16:9 material. I watch it from 12 feet away (the width of the living room), and... well, sometimes I think I should have gotten a size wider screen and mounted the projector further back, to get the full widescreen movie experience.
On the other hand, for 4:3 (68" diagonal) Bullwinkle cartoons, 12 feet is really too close.
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