Thursday, August 31, 2006

UN Logic 
So Hezbollah routinely soaks ball-bearings and nails and other frags in rat poison (an anti-coagulant) and then uses them to kill REAL civilians, nowhere near legitimate military targets, and the UN says nothing.

Hezbollah and Hamas set off bombs, and then set off another bomb to target rescue workers, and the UN says nothing.

But when the Israelis use legal cluster munitions against active combatants, the UN calls it "an outrage."

Fuck them.

The Israelis should have used cluster munitions or any other legal munition against any suitable target that presented itself from day one.

Israel and Hezbollah are cut from the same cloth. The U.S. should be neutral between them, rather than letting the neo-cons who control Israel also control this country's Middle East policy. Israel is not the 51st state. If they want to fight with their neighbors, they can do it themselves. No resupply from the U.S. -- we can say "Never Again," too.
It's all about the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!

Bigoted fuck.
Quite the Israeli P.R. flack, Jason. Working for AIPAC in your spare time? Fulltime, maybe? Whose side are you on, America's or Israel's? Where do your loyalties lie?
Oh, and don't call me an "antisemite" for asking. My Austrian grandfather had to prove his loyalty prior to WW2, and my German grandfather had to prove his loyalty during WW1. Didn't bother either one of them.

AIPAC should be investigated just like the German-American Bund was investigated, i.e., as an incipient fifth-column movement of people with loyalties to a foreign power. So tell us, Jason, which side are you on?
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