Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sorry for the light posting... 
Didn't mean to take a vacation...it just happened that way.

Basically, I've been swamped with work as a copywriter - writing marketing materials for high-end home theater system gear and such.

Imagine! I, the last of the Luddites, the guy who hasn't even owned a television set in almost 15 years, writing about 5.1 and 7.1 audio and 802.11 IP-driven whole-home music systems and structured wiring solutions integrating security, distributed audio, and home theater systems, all in one handy remote!

Ironically, I think I'm a good guy to write about that stuff, for the precise reason that I know nothing about the technology. Since I don't understand the features, I can't get bogged down in them, and focus instead on the benefits.

It's a good exercize for a business writer, I'm learning a ton, and generally having a blast, even though I've probably never worked so hard as a writer in my life.

Which means, of course, no blogging during the workday - at least until the CEDIA Exposition trade show next month.

I did get in some good tunes at an Irish pub in Phoenix, last sunday, though. And I'm hosting a regular once a month Irish tunes session in Miami at the local radical left-wing commie pinko coffeehouse, which is going great! (If they only knew! :-) )

Meanwhile, Ace has been doing a great job of chronicalling the Andrew Sullivan meltdown and the general stupidity of the American left. Enjoy!

Missed you, sir.
link is broken
Oh I almost forgot, is the location of that coffee house a state secret
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